Nerve conduction studies (NCS) give doctors information about how well and how fast the nerves in your body send electrical impulses. This test can be used to check for various different types of problems with the peripheral nervous system. The nerve is electrically stimulated, and the electrical impulse ‘downstream’ from the stimulus is measured. This is usually done with surface patch electrodes. NCV is helpful in determining the existence, type, and extent of nerve damage. NCS allows the Neurologist to differentiate between axonopathy (injury to the nerve fiber) and myelinopathy (injury to the myelin sheath the protective covering surrounding the nerve fiber)

No known risk associated with the test. Precaution advised in patients with pacemaker, Implantable Cardiac Defibrilator (ICD) and Deep Brain Stimulation(DBS).


  • Dress in clothes that permit access to the area to be tested or that are easily removed. You may need to roll your sleeves up past your elbow and/or your pant legs up past your knee.
  • Come with your skin clean and do not apply lotions or other products on your skin.
  • Eat, sleep and take medications as usual, unless instructed otherwise by Neurologist.
  • Inform if using a Pacemaker/ICD/DBS.