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EEG refers to the recording of the brain’s spontaneous electrical activity over a short period of time, usually 20–40 minutes as recorded from multiple metal discs/electrodes placed on the scalp.



EMG and nerve conduction studies are an extension of the physical examination. They can be useful in aiding in the diagnosis of peripheral nerve and muscle problems.



Nerve conduction studies (NCS) give doctors information about how well and how fast the nerves in your body send electrical impulses. This test can be used to

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prolonged_sitting Brain Health Dr. Vishal Jogi

Prolonged Sitting is Bad For Your Brain

In this age more adults live a sedentary lifestyle than ever and even the vast majority know this is bad for our heart health and blood glucose control. In many aspects of life where it might require to put our brain to work, we also tend to sit down: at school, at work, sitting exams […]

STROKE_AWARENESS Brain Health Health & Care Dr. Vishal Jogi

Raising Awareness on World Stroke Day

29th of October is recognized as World Stroke Day and here are a few facts about this medical event. Seniors and caregivers can help raise awareness by sharing this info with all of their friends and family. Around 80 million people living in the world today have experienced a stroke and over 50m survivors live […]

Brain Health Dr. Vishal Jogi

Never Say This To Someone With Migraines

Are you suffering from migraine? Then these are probably a few things that our well wishing friends or near ones might have shared with us in times of migraine pain and suffering. These are a few things that one should not say to someone suffering from migraine headache. We have made a list of things […]


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  • Ashika Shah Ashika Shah India
    I need to express my true thankfulness to Dr. Vishal Jogi for his expert care given to my wife. Our experience with him was of the best we have ever experienced.
  • Jiignesh Jiignesh Patient's RelativeAhmedabad
    I got reference this neurologist doctor from JD and, I had fixed consulting for my aunty, she is suffering with migraine, The doctor nature was very frank and he caught the disease on behalf of symptoms,he didn’t tell us for any report, he just gave us one month medicine formigraine, let us show me how does it work, doctor is very intelligent. You must try to visit once..
  • Suresh Thakkar Suresh Thakkar Migraine PatientIndia
    I met Dr. Vishal Jogi for the treatment find that he sets aside opportunity to clarify all the treatment procedures. He explained me everything regarding treatment so that I can make an independent decision. Gratefully I’m doing very well today.
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