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Gas Geyser Syndrome: A Preventable Cause of Disabling Neurological Events

Gas Geyser Syndrome has been noted in those individuals who spend long durations in the poorly ventilated bathroom and is cause due to carbon monoxide poisoning, caused due to emissions from gas geysers that are fit in bathrooms.

People install gas geysers (LPG geysers) in bathrooms and due to the lack of proper ventilation,  oxygen is depleted resulting in generation of carbon monoxide instead of carbon dioxide, leading to hypoxia, seizures and unconsciousness.

Sudden loss of unconsciousness in the bathroom could be due to various reasons like, seizures, stroke, cardiac events, syncopal episodes etc but that caused by prolonged exposure to toxic gases emitted by gas geysers should always be considered, especially in winter.

“We advise a gas heater to be put off before entering a bath and have good ventilation in the bathroom.”

Researchers from the department of neurology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, had even published a data in Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology, bringing to light the hazardous effects of the use of gas geysers in domestic settings.

Symptoms to watch out for if you have a gas geyser syndrome:






In some cases, there may be permanent damage to a part of the brain, but with most cases it can be treated with anti-seizure medicine for a few months. More than five minutes exposure to the gas can be enough to suffer from dizziness.

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Ending Note

The key objective of this article is to increase the awareness of gas geyser induced neurological diseases and associated carbon monoxide intoxication. We also wish to emphasize the importance of strict and universal implementation of gas geyser usage and installation laws.

If used, these geysers should be fitted outside bathrooms and sufficient ventilation by fitting exhaust fans must be arranged.

Dr. Vishal Jogi

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